International Children’s Day

As best as I can gather, Cambodia, Moldova, and Romania are the only countries that mandate school closures tomorrow. 

I truly wish to understand why one of the poorest nations in the world has at least 27 national holidays; several of which are only celebrated in current and former communist & socialist countries. Hopefully, someone besides me has considered the consequences and effects a high number of official public holidays (and several unofficial ones such as Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, and Christmas) has on my adopted country’s work ethic and economic productivity.

As a signatory to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), countries have the option to observe International Children’s Day, but they are certainly NOT required to close schools on this day. 

Most countries that observe International Children’s Day generally do so on a Sunday, when schools are already closed. Only Singapore closes preschools and kindergartens for half a day on International Children’s Day. Moldova and Romania are the only other countries in addition to Cambodia which require all schools to close on International Children’s Day. 

It is also worthy to note most countries that actively observe International Children’s Day use the day to highlight issues and promote educational campaigns directly concerning the plights of disadvantaged and impoverished children. 

Sadly, the Kingdom of Wonder appears to only ever promote campaigns & events that are sponsored by alcohol and beer companies.


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