entitlement, ignorance, and arrogance

I think my friends may know by now it takes me about 24 hours to fully process, if not even begin to acknowledge, unexpected stressors.

In response to what I wrote about Hillary Clinton yesterday, someone very well-known, who has asked me not to identify her publicly, wrote,

 “You may be right but living here [in the States], I am much more prepared to handle the backlash that will inevitably result due to the misogynist male mindset than to imagine that more than half of Americans are stupid and/or feel entitled enough to elect America’s Hitler. So I will be celebrating Clinton’s historic victory. With pride. What a disappointing time though and what a disturbing lack of integrity that has surfaced in the media. There are people, however, who I may never be able to forgive for their determined effort to ignore diversity and the stakes for people who are underrepresented or different from them.

more than half of Americans are stupid and/or feel entitled enough to elect America’s Hitler.

The words, “…entitled to elect America’s Hitler,” have haunted me since the moment I read them.

This morning, after becoming momentarily embolden by a colleague’s suggestion that whenever I enter classrooms of ignorant & arrogant brats, who expect to be entertained, I should be accompanied by smoke machines and rock anthems, I felt strong enough to watch a bit of C-SPAN and PBS, yet I barely made it through the first few minutes of the following video before I felt compelled to either burst into tears again or try to articulate the depth of my feelings.

My heart aches for anybody who does not comprehend why this woman may be the best President America has ever had. Perhaps because I know how they feel, I am scared most of all by the people who are frightened of progress & change. 

Then shortly after 8AM, this happened…

I had to have a security guard and a school administrator escort a troublesome student from my classroom during an exam because she behaved as if the “Examination Rules for Students,” which all students must sign & date before an exam may commence, did not apply to her.

There were raised voices and tears as she protested in Khmer and incriminated herself to the vice director of Quality Assurance, “I was only asking my classmates to explain the instructions!”

This is in direct violation of the printed “Examination Rules for Students” which ALL students are required to sign & date before they may sit for an exam.

Moreover, when the school administrator asked her, “Did you ask your teacher for clarification?” She screamed in exasperation, “No!”

The simple truth is Cambodia is not a meritocracy. That is to say the value of internationally accepted expectations and standards of integrity & merit are neither appreciated nor regularly practiced, and exemptions and favors are routinely granted.

Ability, knowledge, intellectual integrity, and skills are valued far less in Cambodia than are privilege, entitlement, wealth, and social connections.

“In Cambodia, international standards should only apply to gambling and sports.” 

In fact, the longstanding prime minister frequently proclaims to his international counterparts, “In Cambodia, international standards should only apply to gambling and sports.”

Needless to say, I have zero tolerance for anybody who perpetuates entrenched attitudes & behaviors that further inequality.

In brief, I am not the least ashamed to say, “I had Xanax for lunch today, and I expect a new iPhone 7S Plus from the next brain dead son or daughter of a communist dipshit who expects me to turn a blind eye as they cheat!”


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