anxious & discouraged 

Just between you and me, I am genuinely anxious anytime I consider the possibility of Hillary Clinton not becoming President. Aside from her appeal to the lifelong feminist in me, I have long held her intelligence and unique C.V. have made her the best qualified person to ever seek the presidency.

I am discouraged that prudent voices of reason have been drowned out or intimidated by the extreme and amateur spectacle we are all witnessing.

With little more than two months before the big day remaining, I cannot imagine anybody’s decision about whom to elect will change enough to alter the statistical and electoral odds that are in Clinton’s favor, yet little that I can observe from out here does much to assure me America will be able to handle the results of the election regardless of its outcome.

A gigantic rift in consciousness and national identity has been exposed. Enormous issues have been raised that must be thoughtfully and properly addressed, yet for the first time ever, extremists have been granted legitimacy, and this scares the shit out of me.

a recent Donald Trump quote


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