I have been playing around with the political theory and tactics of authoritarianism. My image, I think, rather effectively uses them and turns authoritarianism on its head. I’m tickled by my cleverness.

My “Morality & Ethics in Education” students and I are currently making memes. Of course, many of them are struggling to meld images and words into effective memes that promote critical thinking.

I had to gently question one student’s choice to superimpose the Dwight Eisenhower aphorism, “Without a moral and spiritual awakening, there is no hope for us,” over a photograph of Jimmy Swaggart in tears.

I strongly believe media literacy is essential in the 21st century, yet it is incomplete if it is not accompanied by a sense of purpose and social responsibility. 

Of course, not everybody is a walking one-man brand like I am, yet here is what I just made seconds ago using the free app Adobe Spark.

In Cambodia, memes have become somewhat safe, and oftentimes reckless, ways to express dissent, yet rarely do they foster creative thought or offer viable solutions.

I invite you to read this article and to create and share memes that promote critical thinking and social justice.


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