private struggles 

I am really struggling right now. 

Everything I do, I do because I want to be an excellent teacher and take care of my daughter Leni. And now I have a new daughter, Lyseang, who needs more from me then I can afford to give her.

So many friends are alarmed by my noticeable weight loss, and some have expressed concern for my health. Hell, one in America even seriously speculated I may have advanced syphilis and offered to pay for the blood work.

Yet my weight loss is the result of one simple fact. All of my salary is used to support my family. I spend almost no money on myself.

This is my choice.

Before Lyseang joined our family, Leni and I went to Burger King maybe two times a month. We went to the cinema once a month. 

I do not spend money on restaurants or beer.

I do not live like any other expatriate man in Siem Reap I know. They all have drug & alcohol habits and multiple girlfriends to support.

I have a family who depends on me. I spend my money on tuition and food for my girls.

Yesterday, my monthly salary was effectively reduced by $330.

This decision was made of course by people who had no understanding of recent developments in my life. Their decision was not made out of malice, yet now I am left trying to figure out what to do next.

So many Cambodian people see my skin and see a foreigner, and they think I have a lot of money, but they do not know the reality of my life, nor do they understand why I have chosen to call Cambodia my home.



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