it happened again

After having my heart broken many times by short-sighted Cambodians too impoverished to dream beyond their next meal, I am remarkably still hurt every time I get ripped off, robbed, or simply played. Poverty deprives good people of their ability to imagine their futures and forces them to commit shameful acts of desperation.

Thankfully, I hope I am no longer on the radar of money hungry whores, but I must confess it has made me very suspicious and skeptical anytime someone expresses any interest in my friendship.

I now laugh about it and show my friends the multiple text messages and Facebook chats I still receive from so-called friends, former students, and people I genuinely (and foolishly) trusted.

Not that it is anywhere as violating as being raped, but it is an almost taboo subject that goes unspoken out here amongst expatriates. After I broke the silence and started to talk about this, many people began to furtively come up to me and tell me, “Denny, the same thing has happened to me.” 

do i look like an ATM?

So many people see my skin and see a foreigner, and they conclude I have a lot of money, but they do not know the reality of my life, nor do they understand why I have chosen to call Cambodia my home.


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