a bit of comedy?

There is a bit of comedy this week too..

Oh, and to top all this grief off, my ex is in Cambodia this month and he is being a condescending ass towards me.

That is an open wound that I still do not know how to close.

It is a genuine test of everything I feel and believe about myself and other people. I know everything he says and does is commentary about himself, yet it does not make it hurt any less for me to know that.

He was the love of my life, and he broke up with me.

Trust me, I do have insight into his behavior and ideas, and I know that this is very difficult and painful for him as well.

Right now, I just cannot be bothered thinking about him. The fact that he has brought his new “American” boyfriend along with him really annoys me. But I have a new little girl right now that is more important than me and my feelings about my ex.

He has about $2000 worth of my mother’s antiques with him right now. He wants to return them to me, but I keep struggling to find a way to tell him just give them to one of your brothers or sisters with whom I still maintain a very happy and healthy relationship.

We’re talking about a small Chinese vase, some paintings, and a pair of bronze art nouveau candlesticks worth about $700 apiece. And they both weigh a few kilos. More than once I have imagined bludgeoning him over the head with one of them like Colonel Mustard in the conservatory.

I do not think it would be healthy or good for me to see him right now. The next communication I have with him, I will wish him well, and I will suggest he have one of his brothers or sisters return my mother’s belongings to me.

colonel mustard?


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