I just saw my kid for the first time since her aunt died. She ran into my room for a few minutes before returning to school. She sat next to me on the edge of my bed and sighed. I rubbed her back and told her, “Daddy and I are going to take care of you and Lyseang.” She looked into my eyes and smiled.

It has not been easy being sequestered from the family during this time, but financially it is a necessity. As soon as any of the village funeral mongers see my white skin, the prices skyrocket.

Leni is only vaguely aware of this strange aspect of our life. She knows I make all of the money and Daddy manages the money because everything is more expensive for me, but she barely understands why it is this way.

It was good for me to see her. I needed her to hear me say what I did.

We are the choices we make. “Every good man knows how to do bad, but no bad man knows how to do good,” is how I put it two nights ago when my date asked me why I do what I do.

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