The last time I was in France, my step mother asked me if I thought she should divorce my father. And I told her yes, by all means divorce him before the police come after her trying to recuperate the money that he, frequently using her hard earned good name and UN credentials, defrauded out of trusting people.

At times of late, I have felt like an errant & negligent son. I have avoided Skype for months purely in order to avoid seeing my father.

     He is literally capable of saying but only a single sentence. I may be repeating myself when I write this, but all he can say is, “what happened to me.” Sometimes it is a question and other times it is a declarative statement. At times it is cute & pathetic to see a man who has quite cleverly defrauded trusting people out of more than half €1 million ($40,000USD from me alone) reduced to repeating the same sentence, but most of the time it is little more than heartbreaking.

     I cannot say I no longer hold any animosity towards the man, but I have to say that as soon as he had the massive left hemisphere aneurysm, I was no longer angry with him. But does this mean I now have to try to somehow foster and nurture a relationship with the same man who has done nothing to do the same towards me during my adult life? 


 My apologies to my friends who do not speak French. The song in this video captures how I am feeling better than anything can in English.


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