if you want to be heard, you better know how to listen

Germaine Greer & Caitlyn Jenner

May I ask, does anyone even know anymore who Germaine Greer was or is?  This morning, and occasionally in the past, my Facebook feed was filled with posts by neo-feminist trans allies whinging about Germaine Greer. Important to note, none of my trans friends have said anything lately to change my longstanding opinion.

Germaine Greer is a career provocateur who selectively rendered herself a relic of 1960s feminism and no longer academically germane when she began to appear on Celebrity Big Brother and other such publicity motivated drivel in the early 2000s.

At one point in time, the author of The Female Eunuch was responsible for stirring some watershed  debates among liberal academics in the west. I am sure at some time, each of us will seem as anachronistic as she does today.

Allow her to speak her mind as much as you would anybody else, and get over it. To censor her simply because her views may be out of line with what has only very recently become part of the feminist discourse is to deny that which has always been an essential facet of any examination of the human condition.

In other words, young, entitled liberals behind keyboards really fucking bother me, and it can only help them to learn how to listen with their mouths closed.


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