21st Century Skills in the Jungle?

21st Century Skills (creativity, critical thinking, information literacy, collaboration, and global citizenship) are the essential skills that students must master and become fluent with in order to succeed and thrive in the rapidly changing world of today. Unlike previous generations, it is simply impossible for modern students to expect success with only memorized facts and unpracticed theories. 

Rather, it is critical for today’s students to learn how to clearly express their ideas, so their peers and society can benefit, and in turn assist one another to develop a mutually beneficial & sustainable future. Furthermore, Cambodian students today will only grow & benefit most if they can successfully interact with their international peers. 

To accomplish this, every parent, student, teacher, and community must accept responsibility for the active creation of a revitalized educational system with higher standards and expectations. It is not efficient, nor is it realistic to expect self-serving administrative agencies to renovate a broken system. Indeed, success in the 21st century will only come to individuals and communities with the strength to believe in the power of their ambitions. 



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