Behold the Wonders

  I know modern electrical engineering is the result of 19th century American ingenuity and innovation, and hydrology dates beyond 4000 BCE Egypt, but since when did the capacity to manage citywide electrical and water supplies become an absolute miracle if it happens in Siem Reap and an unimaginable luxury every time we are without these simple necessities? Nobody can be bothered explaining what is wrong with the fundamental infrastructure in Siem Reap, nor is it conceivable for anyone to be held accountable for the utter ineptitude and incompetence that has led to this issue. These longstanding problems are getting worse and should be simply unacceptable. Yet residents of Siem Reap continue to act as if inadequate water and inconsistent electricity are acceptably normal and to be expected. The time has long since passed for this city’s residents to raise their expectations of themselves and their standards of accountability and performance to 21st century levels and to finally stop expecting & accepting anything less.


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