I have gotten so wrapped up in just keeping my head above water the last six months or so I really don’t know where to begin telling you the story. Let’s just say that on Thursday after averting risk of deportation or imprisonment I got struck down with a very strong cold and I have been in bed for the last four or five days.

Politically, there are things going on in Cambodia that you wouldn’t believe. The last time I attempted to tell an intelligent and curious friend this story, she asked me so many difficult questions and wanted hard evidence for this otherwise impossible to believe story.

Suffice it to say, after the 2013 elections all hell started to slowly trickle loose. The opposition party ran on an anti-Vietnamese platform and immediately began enforcing an obscure and frankly overlooked immigration law almost as soon as the votes were tallied.

At first, only ethnic Vietnamese people, those who spoke Khmer with a Vietnamese accent, or people with Vietnamese sounding names were targeted. By some accounts, 12,000 people in the provinces along the borders were deported or imprisoned for not having “proper” Cambodian documents. Good Christian white ladies like me in the city didn’t have anything to worry about. Or so we thought.

It was only a matter of time before the long-standing, Vietnamese aligned ruling party retaliated and extended the enforcement of this obscure law to all resident foreigners. I started asking questions and warning people about this oh maybe nine months ago. In typical Cambodian style, all of my administrators and managers lazily assured me that only Vietnamese and other Asians had anything to worry about, but I was not so certain of their claims.

When younger white ladies with less tenure on the frontier asked me about these reports from the countryside, I warned them to get their chickens in order.

Still, I have to play Mr. Jones on live TV several times a day and take care of my family. I cannot afford to get wrapped up in speculation and conjecture at the expense of my ability to deliver a consistent performance under watchful eyes. How it is then that within a period of 72 hours three weeks ago I went from being the voice of reason for many to becoming a terrified mess is a fascinating story worthy of an entirety separate post.

My driver is here and I haven’t even gotten ready for work.

Enjoy yourself. It is later than you think


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