Before Leni crawled into bed with me, I spent this morning piecing together the brief, but influential, years (1981-1984) I lived in Ojai, California with my father and his then 2nd wife.

We lived next to Otto & Vivika Heino directly across McAndrew Road from Jiddu Krishnamurti.

Our house was designed and built in 1941 by Richard Neutra. I managed to track down a decent yet nondescript picture of the house.


My bedroom was next to the screened porch and had amazing sunset views of the valley.

Only upon reflection do I realize how unusual it was to have spent much of my childhood in Southern California’s arts scene. I thought everybody’s parents sold pottery and sculpture to Willie Nelson and Hugh Hefner. For me, it was normal to converse with Christopher Isherwood about Rudolf Steiner and Jim Henson and to have an elderly Beatrice Wood compliment me on my, now lost, skills at a potter’s wheel.

It was not until years after my mother relocated me to provincial Olympia, Washington that I began to realize how influential those years and many other here unnamed colorful characters were upon me.


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