Are you bored by life? Do you still wonder each morning why you managed to survive the night only to be faced with another day of endless shopping? Well, before you consider giving up your life of comfort, convenience, and choice and think about relocating out here to real-life Adventureland, let me ask you one simple question, “Are you out of your fucking mind?”



20140525-194319.jpg I have the most beautiful little girl in the world, my fiancé wears orange robes and looks fierce with shaved eyebrows, I teach art appreciation, humanities, and English literature to traumatized high-functioning simple minded folk and their fashion impaired gangster overlords who have more money than brains, and I live in a land of perpetual summer and tropical viruses. It is the chaotic ambivalence of Cambodia that feeds me and keeps me grounded in what I constantly question might be reality. This must be over the rainbow!





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