temporality & Warhol

It is worthy to note the high occurrence of recollections from people who have actually viewed some of Warhol’s more than 60 cinematic endeavors such as “Blow Job,” “Kiss,” “Eat,” and “Sleep” made between 1963 and the year of his assassination attempt, 1968, that mention the enjoyment and the participatory nature of the experience. The experience of watching a movie as a group is a now endangered element of film viewership that was once fundamental to the rise of film as an expressive medium and is now all but extinct from contemporary cinema consumership. Again, the notion that Warhol’s works should be appreciated much more as documents or testaments of their temporal place than blatant commercial works of cultural commentary is certainly striking and worth considering.

Kiss (1963) 54:40 http://youtu.be/FmzqNUaCGQU


Eat (1963) 39:39 https://archive.org/details/AndyWarhol.Eat.1963


Sleep (1963) 5:21:00 http://vimeo.com/4880378


Blow Job (1964) 27:02 http://vimeo.com/45258317



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