in my own fashion

I have great admiration for any artist that can consistently deliver a meaningful performance day after day. My friends in Las Vegas are my most direct point of reference on this issue. Unfortunately, I cannot attribute the entirety of their enthusiasm and stamina to an uncompromising and chemical-free dedication to their art. I am sure each of us has known at some time the pleasure of holding the attention of a room full of people. But imagine if you can, having to do this on demand several times a week. It is not easy!

I liken what I do to a hybrid of vaudeville and motivational speaking. Depending on which day of the week, I must stand before rooms of disinterested people and not only command their attention, but hopefully and ideally facilitate learning something very useful. This task is made none the easier by the patchwork design of my 7-day work week. It is quite the challenge not only to conserve my enthusiasm, but to recharge it as well.

In my own fashion, I have taken to following in the footsteps of doctors, nurses, dancers, singers, and housewives- or basically anyone that must perform amazing tasks on a moment’s notice. Not quite the same Benzedrine and Nembutal lined roads of Garland & Monroe, but rather one of coffee and Xanax. The end result may not be fatal, but I can tell you, regardless of the means, I need a break from constantly having to plaster a smile upon my face and in my voice.

De ma propre mode, j’ai commencé à suivre dans les marchepieds des médecins, infirmières, danseuses, chanteurs, et les femmes au foyer ou fondamentalement n’importe qui qui doit exécuter stupéfier charge sur la notification d’un moment. Pas tout à fait le les mêmes Benzedrine et routes rayées par Nembutal de la Garland et Monroe, mais plutôt du café et « Xanax.» Le résultat de fin ne peut pas être mortel, mais je peux vous dire que, indépendamment des moyens, j’ai besoin d’une coupure de devoir constamment plâtrer un sourire sur mon visage et dans ma voix.

Either Rudolf Steiner or Johann Wolfgang Goethe said this…

“Thinking… is no more and no less an organ of perception than the eye or ear. Just as the eye perceives colors and the ear sounds, so thinking perceives ideas.”

I need a break from smiling, singing, and dancing long enough for me to enjoy simply thinking again. I will see what I can do to create such an opportunity. I want to examine whether truth is inaccessible to human consciousness or if perhaps it can be both an objective discovery and a creation of the spirit. Yeah, I know, pretty esoteric shit! But it sure is more stimulating than perpetually examining the differences between, dependent adjective clauses and appositives.



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