I have long appreciated the mystic synergy that occurs when creative minds work together for a common purpose. At my advanced age, I cannot clearly recall when I first experienced the thrill of collaboration, yet I suspect it was while in high school when friends and I presented a deconstructed version of William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The joy of working with like minds continued throughout college and my twenties when because of my artistic sensibilities and keen eye for the undefinable “it,” my friends relied upon me as the go-to idea man and artistic director for any number of collaborative projects.

When I emigrated from the United States, the Internet was but nascent and had not found its way into the palms of nearly everybody on the planet as it has today. For many years, the greatest thing I missed about my former home was the artistic and creative stimulation of living art and the rewards of working with friends. Now, thankfully the Internet and its accompanying technology are so ubiquitous that my friends and I are once again able to collaborate on anything from playwriting to fashion illustration.

Below is a very quick example of how my friends and I work together despite the miles and time zones that separate us. The raw image is on the left and my contribution to it is on the right.



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