warhol’s influence

I cannot pretend to have only recently discovered Andy Warhol when the truth is, as a child of the 70s and 80s, I have always been influenced by him. Indeed, it is interesting to consider how he helped shape me as a young gay American growing up on the cusp of the Information Age.

I was born in 1971. At the tender age of six, I knew Andy Warhol was gay, and I knew I was gay, too. I also knew I was an artist as well. At no point in my familiarity with Warhol’s work and in subsequent conversations with people who knew him well has Andy’s sexuality been anything more than a given. That is to say it was only consequential to those who got their news & information from People magazine.

So often in conversations about an artist and his or her work the perspective of the consumer/viewer almost entirely eclipses that of the artist.

Without being able to directly ask Andy Warhol how his sexuality, or any other facet of his identity, influenced his work, we are left to speculate.

What people who knew him say however is his religiosity and his work ethic were indisputable influences upon his creative output.

Below are further original digital experiments of mine to mimic his early style, techniques, and themes.














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