the greatest lessons

Today is the seventh anniversary of my dear mother’s passing, but do not be sad for me. The irony that she chose to leave us on 4/20, the national holiday for all stoners, has always given me a healthy chuckle. Today, as I reminisce about her final days and the 36 incredible years she shared with me, I am left once again feeling like one of the luckiest men in the world. Without her unconditional and never ending encouragement I wonder if I would be where and who I am today. I live amidst teeming and sometimes brutal chaos with an extended family of brilliant brothers & sisters who are committed to improving their communities through education & development, and I have some of the most inquisitive students I have ever professionally encountered. Most dear to me, of course, is my remarkable kid, who fills my days with laughter & smiles, but everybody who meets me already knows that within minutes. Thank you again for allowing me the privilege of being a brother, mentor, teacher, and friend. Together, My mother taught me, we can make this crazy world a better place.



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