post-modern bullshittery


Until which time Leni informs me otherwise, I shall continue referring to her in English as “my little girl,” and I will keep using the feminine pronouns “she” and “her.” We live in Cambodia, a land with such fluid notions of gender and human sexuality that even the most liberal of eyes would spin, and we also speak Khmer and English, two languages with very different syntactic constructs. Please, kindly keep 21st century euro-american word policing off of my back porch. I am too busy trying to ensure Leni’s education and safety, while Cambodia teeters on the verge of what threatens to be another bloody civil war, to be bothered by such ludicrous post-modern bullshittery that suggests I use the gender neutral pronouns “they” and “their” until children can self-identify from the growing alphanumerical list of gender taxonomy.



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